The Disability Desk at MJCS in collaboration with Vanuatu Society for persons with Disability had together facilitated a 3 days workshops with the 11 area councils of Shefa Province. The workshop was held at the Matnapuka conference room at Shefa province office.

There were 11 area secretaries aSHE1nd in cluding People with disability at this work shop. The purpose of the 3 day's workshop is to:
• Area secretaries to explore ways to collaborate in conducting a CBR outreach program to communities of rural Efate
• Expansion of Community base Rehabilitation work to Efate Urban and offshore Islands.
• Strengthening the working relationship with Shefa province in Disability Inclusion
The 3 days' workshop also involves a panel discussion were 6 persons with disability had share the challenges the faced in a community. A panel had raised accessibility as a challenge for wheelchair users getting into buildings and accessing transport.

The Disability Desk had also put on a presentation in regards to the National Disability Inclusive development Policy 8 priority areas and also how it aligns with the NSDP. The last day of the workshop had the involvement of the area secretaries in a planning stage where they had also present on the few area council profiling.