In the month of September, the Departments of Correctional Services and Women's Affairs, under the Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MJCS), held important organisation restructure workshops in accordance with the Public Service guidelines for any Organisation Review, Establishment Variations and Job Evaluation.
One purpose of the workshops was to inform officers about the possibility of a restructure in the two departments due to growth and the evolving functions of the two departments.

By the end of the workshops, both Departments were able to:
 Identify the main Objectives of the Restructure and why each of them was undertaking a restructure. It was important for all officers to first understand what needed to be achieved through a restructure;
 Present proposals for new or redundant positions in the existing structures;
 Agree on the process to follow to develop their new organisation structures.

The MJCS Hub staff either facilitated or co-facilitated the workshops providing information on external factors to which the restructures should respond. For example, the implementation of the National Sustainable Development Plan and the Justice and Community Services Sector Strategy both of which provide higher level policy settings that could have an impact on the human resource needs of each of the Departments. Internal factors that the restructure should respond to were also discussed, for instance, the need for additional human resource management staff to serve the provincial offices, and the need for resources to support asset management.

Participation was great and at the end of the sessions, all staff understood the rationale behind each of their Departments' proposed restructure. Public Service Commission staff also participated at one of the workshops and provided useful insight to the process. The two Departments are currently finalizing their findings to present to Director General of MJCS and ultimately to the Public Service Commission.

Whilst the workshops served as start of the formal PSC process for Organisation Review, Establishment Variations and Job Evaluation, many staff expressed that attending the workshops provided a significant capacity building opportunity for them, being the first time for most of them to discuss these types of issues, and enabled them to contribute to and be part of their proposed restructure. They will be supporting the process better with their improved understanding.