The Authorised Persons and Registered Counsellors pilot is now five months into operation.

The Authorised Persons and Registered Counsellors provisions in the Family Protection Act (FPA) are now being implemented for the first time through the pilot. All other provisions have been applied since the FPA's commencement in March 2009 and are used by the Courts and police for the issue of Temporary Protection Orders and to investigate and prosecute cases of domestic violence. The Authorised Persons and Registered Counsellors provisions had proved difficult for the Government to implement for a variety of reasons, however significant work has been done to understand the key challenges.

A pilot is necessary to demonstrate if the provisions are practical and can be extended throughout Vanuatu and will offer recommendations that could inform a review of the FPA.
In 2016 an approach to piloting was agreed between the Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MJCS) and the Australian-funded Stretem Rod Blong Jastis program to conduct a careful and well-monitored pilot, with MJCS having overall responsibility and oversight of the pilot and Stretem Rod Blong Jastis mo Sefti (Vanuatu Australia Policing and Justice Program) responsible for leading its implementation.

The 12-month pilot is being undertaken in South Santo, Fanafo Stonehill and Matantas/Malau on Santo, and Paunangisu, Ohlen Matakheru and Tokyo Buninga/Paama on Efate.

A media event held on 22 January 2018, marked the 'official' public launching of the pilot. While Authorised Persons had been formally appointed by His Excellency the President of Vanuatu in December 2017, the media event centred on the signing of the instruments of appointment of Registered Counsellors by the Honourable Minister for Justice and Community Services, Mr Ronald Warsal. Honourable Mr Warsal and Her Excellency Jenny Da Rin, the Australian High Commissioner made formal speeches to mark the official launching event.

The pilot was launched by way of a series of official launching events held in January and February 2018, with MJCS Acting Director General, Pacco Siri, leading the launching events in every community.
In May 2018, police rotations commenced on Santo, which has police officers rotating through the pilot locations to provide support to Authorised Persons and Registered Counsellors, raise awareness around crime prevention and the work of police, as well as receive complaints from community members with respect to criminal concerns.
The pilot is a significant development for Vanuatu and elsewhere in the Pacific, with the implementation for the first time of the Authorised Persons and Registered Counsellors provisions of the FPA.
To date, the Authorised Persons have granted 14 Temporary Protection Orders for the protection of victims of domestic violence.

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