With the support of her colleagues at the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Australian-funded Stretem Rod Blong Jastis mo Sefti program – Vanuatu Australia Policing and Justice Program - Micheline Tasso, a State Prosecutor, was fortunate to attend the 10 day leadership forum on improving women and children's access to justice in Melbourne, Australia from 23 April 2018. The forum included a number of representatives from both Vanuatu and Fiji. State Prosecutor Tasso was able to contribute to much of the legal discussion with Judges, Magistrates and Prosecutors at the Family Court of Australia, the Melbourne Magistrates, Children's and Coroners Court and as she commented, "It was useful to see that the people working in these Courts everyday experience similar things to what we are dealing with here in Vanuatu.'

The group were also hosted by the Victorian Institute of Forensic medicine and were treated to a number of presentations on forensic medicine, DNA evidence and some of the medical myths around the sexual assault of women and girls. The highlight for Ms Tasso was vising the Melbourne Children's Court and learning not only about the importance to the community of rehabilitating children who offend but also some of the facilities to counsel and divert children out of the criminal justice system so that they do not become long term criminals.

Ms Tasso commented, "Vanuatu doesn't have any Juvenile Justice legislation and my experience tells me we need some" however, Ms Tasso said, "Seeing what Australian Courts and Police are doing now and how children are benefiting this forum has given me many ideas about what can be done now when I am making submissions in Court and what can be done in the future."