The State Law Office (SLO) was established by the State Law Office Act [242] (the ‘Act’). The positions of Attorney General (AG), Solicitor General (SG) and Parliamentary Counsel (PC) are provided for in the SLO Act. The Office acts independently and the Attorney General as Head of the Office, is not subject to the direction of any person or body.

The principal functions of the State Law Office is to provide advice to, and represent the Government on, legal matters that may be referred to it by the President, the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister, a Minister, a Director General of a ministry, or Director of a department.

The State Law Office also provides the specialist services to the Government on legislative drafting services, preparation of government instruments and the publication of Official Gazettes.

The Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit (VFIU) established by the Financial Transaction Reporting Act [CAP 268] and currently under the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing Act No. 13 of 2014 (“AML&CTF Act”), is located within the State Law Office. VFIU as Vanuatu’s National Centre, is responsible for receiving, assessing, analysing and disseminating to competent authorities information concerning suspected proceeds of crime, potential money laundering and financing of terrorism. It has a preventive role (supervisor of AML& CFT regime in Vanuatu) and a detection role (Intelligence gathering).

Contact details

State Law Office
PMB 9048
Port Vila

Phone: 678 22362
Fax: 678 25473

VOIP: 3412 (Vanuatu Government network domain only)

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Street Address: Rue Emmanuel Brunet, Prime Minister’s Office, Port Vila