1. MJCS Job Skill Modules/Sector trainings 


  1. MJCS Job Skill module: M&E managing agency performance (X2) May & September 
  2. MJCS Job Skill module: Performance managment and work planning (X2)  May & November
  3. MJCS Job Skill module: IT Skills April & October
  4. MJCS Job Skill module: Workplace health and safety August
  5. AGD Twinning Program: Legal Policy Development  April & August

2. MJCS Team development 

  1. Team-building activities based on the team diagnostic March, June, September and December
  2. Business Planning for MJCS CSU January
  3. Monthly In-House session and awareness sessions  February - December 

3. Sector HRO Network 

  1. Quarterly sector HRO Network meetings (may include HRMIS and Succesion Planning) March, June, September and November
  2. Performance Management (including appraisals)  May & November 
  3. PSC Staff Manual basics training (specific topics TBC) April
  4. Workplace Health and Safety training  August
  5.HR records management (in conjunction with RTI Unit, OGCIO) July

6. Coach training/refresher training (Sector HRO and Finance Officers) - applies equally to 4.below


4. Sector Finance Network

  1. Sector Finance Network meetings (agenda may cover smartstream skills, asset management and payments) February, June and November
  2. Procurement and Contract Management training (Simpl(1); Complex (1) July
  3. Budget preparation, data analysis, narratives May
  4. Budget entry to VBMS July
  5. End of year financial reporting  December

5. Sector M&E Focal Points Network

  1. Quarterly sector M&E Network meetings  March, June, September and November

 6. Sector Governance

  1. Consultation with Heads of Agencies on Justice & Community Services Sector Strategy (JCSSS) February
  2. Launch of JCSSS February
  3. MJCS facilitates Sector Governance meetings  March, June, September and December

 7. Gender Equality 

  1. Internal MJCS training on Gender                      April

8. Child Protection 

  1. Internal training on MJCS Child Safeguarding Policy  October

9. Disability Inclusion 

  1. Panel discussion - People with disabilities (for Justice Sector Agencies) May
  2. Disability Inclusive Development Policy awareness (Government(Justice sector agencies)) July, August and October
  • National Children's Day - Tuesday 24th July 2018
  • International Day of Persons with Disability - Monday 3rd December 2018
  • Next Partnership Management Group meeting (PMG) date: Wednesday 13th June 2018