Minista blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves, Esmon Esai Saimon I lonjem long wik ya Corporate plan blong Ministi blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves blong yia ya 2022 kasem 2026.

Bifo Minista Saimon I lonjem plan ya, hemi talem se Ministri blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves ibin ko tru long plante jalenj, be Ministri ya I setap blong meintenem ol raet mo fridom blong ol pipol mo provaedem seves iko long ol pipol blong Vanuatu.

Hemi talem tu se Vanuatu I ratifaem finis plante long ol United Nation convention mo blong karemaot ol wok ya hemi impotan blong Ministri blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves I mas kat wan Corporate Plan blong guidem hem long ol wok blong hem.

Long lonjing seremoni ya, Daerekta Jenerol blong Ministri blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves, Arthur Faerua, italem se Corporate Plan ya hemi olsem wan map.  

Hemi talem se ating map ya hemi no perfect map, be hemi wan current map blong current situation we ministri istap long hem.

DG Faerua, I mekem wan kol iko long olketa agency we oli stap anda long MOJCS blong luk tru long map ya mo faenem spes blong olketa insaed long map ya, faenem spes blong ol narafala agency mo faenem hao nao evriwan I save navigate tuketa long period blong map ya.

Hemi askem tu evri agency we oli stap wok anda long MOJCS blong oli mas communicate, share, participate, implement, apply, take stock, monitor mo evaluatem ol wok we evri wan istap mekem long period blong Corporate plan ya.

Evri agency anda long MOJCS oli bin stap tuketa blong selebretem lonj blong Corporate Plan ya.



The Ministry of Justice and Community Services has launched its next corporate plan for the next 5 years 2022 - 2026. The Development of the MJCS Corporate Plan 2022-2026 was developed through a collaborative approach, involving the direct agencies under the Ministry. The Ministry was going through an uncertain phase through a Council of Minister’s decision to dissolve this ministry and move its agencies to other portfolios. This decision has also caused the delay in the development and finalization of this Corporate Plan. However, the Government has given directions to continue in the development of this plan as a Ministry. This Corporate Plan also supports the Justice Community Services Sector Strategy which is currently under review and focuses on Strengthening key areas that are directly linked to the National Sustainable Development Plan. The Ministry Portfolio comprises of:

• Office of the Minister (cabinet)                           

• Office of the Director General

• Corporate Service Unit

• Human Rights Unit

o Child Desk

o Disability Desk

• Department of Women’s Affairs

• Department of Correctional Services

• Customary Land Management Office

• Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs

• Vanuatu Law Reform Commission

The Ministry of Justice and Community Services plays an important leadership role in the wider JCS Sector whereby the CSU provides secretariat, co-ordination and capability services across the sector, supporting sector development initiatives such as the Justice and Community Services Sector Strategy.

This new Corporate Plan covers Access to Justice in Communities, the Juvenile Justice System, Victim Support Initiatives, improvement in the Justice Services through scheduled law reforms, Policing and Infrastructure Priorities, Case and Data Management and its access to the Public at large. Sector Coordination and resource sharing in the implementation of this plan is the mandate to provide equitable access to Custom Land Management Services and the cross-cutting priorities; Gender Equality, Child Protection and Disability and Social Inclusion.

The way this plan is structured is also designed to closely monitor its indicators, however the plan has a key priority to conduct a review on this plan in 2024 to see how the indicators are performing and whether the strategic areas are reflective of activities carried out.

Thank everyone from across the Ministry who have involved in the development of this important plan, the department of strategic policy and aid coordination on their close support and guidance, our partners, especially Vanuatu Australia Policing and Justice Program (VAPJP) and all Heads of agencies for their commitment.


Start date: 

End date: 

Shefa [Efate, Nguna, Pele]

4 July 2022 8 July 2022

Sanma[Santo, Malo]

4 July 2022 8 July 2022

Tafea [Tanna]

4 July 2022 8 July 2022

Malampa [Malekula, Paama] 

11 July 2022 20 July 2022

Penama [Pentecost] 

11 July 2022 15 July 2022

Torba [Motalava, Vanualava] 

11 July 2022 15 July 2022

The Ministry of Justice Justice, Policing and Community Services Sector Expertise on the rise⚖️ and Community Services continues to enhance its sector wide Monitoring and Evaluation Network through its Sector Capacity Development Program. This is an emerging and important field of expertise needed for government accountability and reporting and for greater understanding and practice of monitoring and evaluation of policies, plans, programs, strategies.

(On 29 June) the Policing, Justice and Community Services Sector conducted its Network meeting to share their M&E knowledge and practice and to welcome new members into the Network. A long-time MJCS M&E practitioner for the sector chaired the gathering and encouraged the sector M&E colleagues to continue advancing the strong foundation and M&E resources co-built over the years with the Vanuatu-Australia Policing and Justice Program.

The workshop was an opportunity to identify immediate and long-term capability needs to meet reporting requirements and was complimented by a baseline survey completed by the participants before the workshop.

The storian session encouraged honest and open discussion about challenges and celebrated achievements through the M&E Network. The storian was also an opportunity to action point next steps and generated some thinking around a broader sector M&E capability approach.

Participants represented at the M&E Network meeting included Vanuatu Police Force, Custom Land Management Office, Office of the Attorney General, Vanuatu Law Reform Commission, Office of the Public Prosecutor, Office of the Public Solicitor, Ombudsman Office, MJCS Child Desk, Judiciary/Courts, MJCS CSU, Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta, Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Vanuatu National Archives, Department of Women's Affairs.