VLRC urges all citizens to participate in the referendum. Your vote matters!

    PORT VILA MAY 24: The 29th of May 2024 will be written down in history as the date of our national referendum. Vanuatu Law Reform Commission (VLRC) urges all eligible voters must participate in the upcoming national referendum.

    Our leaders have realized that we must find answers to the issue of political instability.

    There have been many discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed amendments. As citizens, we must be thankful that through this referendum, we have been given the chance to have a say in how we want to transition into the future.

    If you believe that the proposed amendments are not practical and are against the fundamental beliefs of the establishment of a free and Independent State of the Republic of Vanuatu, then you must vote to exercise your judgment.

    If you believe that the amendments are good for stability and for our country, please participate and vote in the referendum.

    If you do not vote, then you must be prepared to accept the result of the referendum.

    Do not complain later because you were given the chance to vote but decided not to participate and make use of that chance.

    If you are confused, seek independent advice and make your own judgment.

    Do not let someone else manipulate your judgment, let common sense rule or be your guide.

    Decide based on national interest, not personal or political interests.

    Bear in mind and have concern for your future generations.

    Once you have made your judgment, please make your voice known by voting.

    Remember, this is our country, and no one else will come from the outside to make that change.

    This is an opportunity for citizens to have a say and decide. Normally, our leaders have the upper hand to decide, but in this referendum, citizens are given the responsibility to contribute to a constitutional reform.

    This is the only opportunity ordinary citizens can contribute to a significant constitutional reform, and each eligible voter must vote.

    As a reform institution, the Vanuatu Law Reform Commission usually consults ordinary citizens and stakeholders throughout the country on legislative reforms.

    Our process gives ordinary people the chance to have a say on proposed legislative frameworks.

    This referendum is a much higher calling to the people of Vanuatu to have a say on the supreme law of our country, that is, the Constitution.

    We may not have any other opportunity to vote in a national referendum.

    There is a constant decline in voter turnout in the past national, provincial, and municipal elections, so do not let a small percentage of voters be the kingmakers.

    Go in numbers and exercise your constitutional rights to vote.

    As responsible citizens, we must embrace this opportunity and vote. There may be disputed facts and arguments on issues relating to this Constitutional review, but at the end of the day, the most important consideration is national interest, not party politics, not personal views, and self-interest.

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