CLMO equips Tanna chiefs for peaceful land dispute resolution

    PORT VILA, 24 JUNE: The National Customary Land Management Office has conducted an extensive awareness campaign and training for adjudicators across Tanna Island this month.

    The approach received endorsement from the Nikolatan Island Council of Chiefs and seven Area Councils of Chiefs across Tanna Island.

    This initiative is a critical component of the CLMO's 2024 business plan in response to numerous land disputes.

    John Nalwang, the Acting National Coordinator of the Customary Land Management Office, led a team to visit all seven area councils of Tanna Island due to rising conflicts.

    The awareness campaign received significant participation, and its primary objectives were to assist the CLMO Tafea Province Officer in educating residents on the peaceful resolution of land disputes under the CLMO Act.

    Additionally, the training aimed to prepare adjudicators to handle cases that escalate beyond local customary forums to the Area Land Tribunal.

    During the initial week, the focus was on crucial awareness activities pivotal to CLMO Tafea's mandate, followed by intensive training sessions for adjudicators and the identification of cases suitable for review by the nakamals and Area Land Tribunal.

    An assessment of numerous land disputes in Tafea Province showed that many individuals involved in disputes at the nakamal level lacked adequate information, leading to discord and incidents of vigilante justice.

    The awareness campaign and training sessions are expected to empower chiefs and council members to lawfully and peacefully resolve such disputes moving forward.

    Customary Land Management plans to use the same approach to educate people on handling land disputes using the CLMO Act on other islands of Vanuatu.

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