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    The government Disability Desk was established in 2009 within the government, however, it was functional since April 2011. This was a result of long time lobbying by the Disability NGOs and Civil Society Organization.

    Vision Statement

    Disability Desk to provide leadership in the promotion and protection on the rights of People Living with Disabilities (PLWD)

    Mission Statement

    To coordinate a collaborative effort towards recognizing the rights of People Living with Disabilities (PLWD)

    Core Values and guiding principles

    • Promote respect and tolerance
    • Promote the goals of an inclusive, barrier-free society
    • Promote a rights-based approach to development.


    1. Establish National mechanism for monitoring and implementing Disability policy
    2. Develop and strengthen partnerships towards implementing government policy objectives
    3. To establish a centralised database on PLWD to assist in resource allocation, reporting and monitoring
    4. To strengthen the administrative and financial capacity of the Disability Desk

    Functions of the Desk

    The main function of the Desk is to coordinate the overall consult, develop and implementation government disability related policies and as well as implement international commitment which government is obliged to implement and report on, this is done in collaboration with government institutions and all disability stakeholders including NGOs and Civil Society organization.


    1. Currently there is only 1 permanent officer and a contract officer, so there are only 2 staffs within the Disability Desk



    Disability NGOs includes the following:
    1. Vanuatu Society for Disable People (VSDP) – Base in Port Vila
    2. Disability Promotion & Advocacy Association (DPA) – Based in Luganville, Santo
    3. Sanma Frangipani Association (SFA) – Based in Luganville, Santo
    4. Vanuatu Paralympic Committee (VPC) – Based in Luganville, Santo
    5. Rainbow Disability Theatre Group
    6. Friends for People with special Needs (Group of Expatriates)

    Other NGOs

    1. Save the Children Australia (SCA)
    2. Oxfam
    3. World Vision
    4. Wan Smol Bag

    Government Ministry/Departments include the following:

    1. Ministry of Justice & Community Services (MJCS)
    2. Ministry of Health (MOH)
    3. Ministry of Education (MOE)
    4. Ministry of Prime Minister
    5. Ministry of Infrastructure & Public Utilities (MIPU)
    6. Department of Foreign Affairs
    7. Department of Agriculture
    8. Department of Women's Affairs (DWA)
    9. Department of Provincial Affairs
    10. Department of Labour
    11. Police Department
    12. State Law Office
    13. Department of Statistics


    1. Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu

    PART 1 – Fundamental Rights

    5. Fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual

    (1) The Republic of Vanuatu recognises, that, subject to any restrictions imposed by law on non-citizens, all persons are entitled to the following fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual without discrimination on the grounds of race, place of origin, religious or traditional beliefs, political opinions, language or sex but subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and to the legitimate public interest in defence, safety, public order, welfare and health –
    (a) life;
    (b) liberty;
    (c) security of the person;
    (d) protection of the law;
    (e) freedom from inhuman treatment and forced labour;
    (f) freedom of conscience and worship;
    (g) freedom of expression;
    (h) freedom of assembly and association;
    (i) freedom of movement;
    (j) protection for the privacy of the home and other property and from unjust deprivation of property;
    (k) equal treatment under the law or administrative action, except that no law shall be inconsistent with this sub-paragraph insofar as it makes provision for the special benefit, welfare, protection or advancement of females, children and young persons, members of under-privileged groups or inhabitants of less developed areas.

    2. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) was ratified by the Republic of Vanuatu in 2008 making it a legal document to be used in country.

    3. Preliminary stages of enacting a disability legislation in progress which will be specifically for the protection of citizens living with some form of disabilities.


    1. National Disability Policy & Plan of Action 2008-2015
    2. Inclusive Education Policy & Strategic Plan 2010-2020
    3. Mental Health Policy and Plan 2009-2015
    4. Other government policies includes issues of disabilities


    1. Pacific Regional strategy on Disability (PRSD) 2010-2015
    2. Incheon Strategy, Asia-Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities 2013-2022


    1. Disability Pilot survey conducted in Epule & Eton Villages, Ifira Island and Futuna Island. Survey report to be available by August 2014
    2. Field Visit – the Disability Desk assist NGOs to visit people with disabilities in rural communities of Efate island and off-shore islands.
    3. Establishment of provincial Disability Committee in Tafea, Shefa and Malampa Provinces and yet to do so in Penama, Sanma and Torba Provinces later in 2014.
    4. Completion and Submission of the Initial CRPD report to UNCRPD Committee
    5. Oversees the implementation of the Disability policy and the UNCRPD
    6. Organized first Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) workshop and established a Working group to support CBR program to ensure service is delivered to all people with disabilities throughout Vanuatu.
    First Vanuatu CBR Workshop May 2014
    Person with disabilities included in CRPD report consultations
    Provincial Disability Committee established in Tanna 2012
    Service delivery to Community of Emae Island
    Location of Office
    Ministry of Justice & Community Services
    Namba 2 area
    Port Vila
    Tel: +678 33615
    Contact Us
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