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    The CLMO retreat is certain to deliver improved outcomes, reducing errors and boosting efficiencies.

    PORT VILA, MARCH 28: The Customary Land Management Office (CLMO) has been facing significant challenges in implementing its Act due to the lack of human resources for the past decade.

    This setback has hindered the CLMO's efforts to support decentralization and provide effective land management services to all 76 area councils.

    However, the Customary Land Management Office has taken proactive steps to address these issues during a two-week retreat held at the Breakers Resort.

    The retreat aimed to review the entire structure of the CLMO, with a particular focus on the Bill for Land Reform [Amendment] Act.

    The amendment review will enable the CLMO to prioritize custom ownership determination and registry of ownership and user rights, ensuring a more efficient and transparent land management process.

    Nalwang John, acting National Coordinator of the Customary Land Management Office, acknowledged the challenges faced by the office in the issuance of green certificates for the last ten years.

    Leaders from justice sector unite to improve wellbeing of colleagues

    Heads of MJCS agencies launch wellbeing initiative to support colleagues and ensure robust and resilient justice sector

    MARCH 28, PORT VILA: Amid growing concerns about the impact of work-related stress on justice sector legal professionals in Vanuatu,

    Courtroom skills boosted as legal experts from Vanuatu and Australia join forces

    Barristers from the Victorian Bar deliver workshop to over 40 MJCS legal professionals

    PORT VILA, MARCH 25: Legal experts from Vanuatu and Australia are joining forces this week to boost courtroom skills and strengthen justice services across the country. Over 40 participants from Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MJCS) agencies will receive training and advice from a team of barristers from Australia’s Victorian Bar during a 3-day Appellant Advocacy workshop in Port Vila.

    National Cultural Council urged to restructure its role for better alignment

    PORT VILA, MARCH 25: The Culture Minister, John Amos Nalau, stressed the need for the Vanuatu National Cultural Council to realign its role with the constitutional mandate outlined in Articles 30 (1) and (2).

    President of Malvatumauri Awarded Honorary Chiefly Title Of Merhimba Dangdang

    PORT VILA, MARCH 18: The President of Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Paul Robert Ravun, was bestowed with a chiefly title of the Smol Nambas tribe in Malekula Island.

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