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    Newly Lands Ombudsman Menzies Samuel appointed

    The newly appointed Lands Ombudsman Menzies Samuel is settle in well in the office.

    The Judiciary Service Commission appointed Mr Samuel in April and he signed the contract with the former Minister of Justice and Community Services, John Still Tariqetu on the 29th of June 2023.

    Corporate Plan blong Ministi blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves blong yia ya 2022 kasem 2026

    Minista blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves, Esmon Esai Saimon I lonjem long wik ya Corporate plan blong Ministi blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves blong yia ya 2022 kasem 2026.

    Bifo Minista Saimon I lonjem plan ya, hemi talem se Ministri blong Jastis mo Komiuniti Seves ibin ko tru long plante jalenj, be Ministri ya I setap blong meintenem ol raet mo fridom blong ol pipol mo provaedem seves iko long ol pipol blong Vanuatu.

    MJCS Corporate Plan 2022 - 2026

    The Ministry of Justice and Community Services has launched its next corporate plan for the next 5 years 2022 - 2026. The Development of the MJCS Corporate Plan 2022-2026 was developed through a collaborative approach, involving the direct agencies under the Ministry.

    Community Consultations for the new Adoption Bill happening this week

    Justice and Policing M&E Network Meeting

    The Ministry of Justice Justice, Policing and Community Services Sector Expertise on the rise⚖️ and Community Services continues to enhance its sector wide Monitoring and Evaluation Network through its Sector Capacity Development Program. This is an emerging and important field of expertise needed for government accountability and reporting and for greater understanding and practice of monitoring and evaluation of policies, plans, programs, strategies.

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